This is a GM-Hosted event. An announcement In-Game will be made before the event starts.


To join the event, A player must be level 80 or higher to participate.
An Event Warper will take you to the Registration Lobby when the event initiates.

Inside the Registration Lobby, you will need to join a team by clicking the waiting room dialogue that corresponds to the team that you want. The battle will automatically start once all teams are filled up. Once this process is completed, you will be warped to the battlefield.


The goal of this event is to destroy the Crystal of the opposing team. A Pink Crystal and a Blue Crystal will spawn at either end of the map at Base 1 and Base 2.

  • Player must be level 80 or higher to participate.
  • Skill restrictions and limitations for this Battleground map are the same as those for War of Emperium.
  • In order to destroy the Crystal, a team must first defeat the two Guardians of the opposing team. The Crystal is immune to any form of attack while the Guardians are alive.
  • A team gets one point by destroying the opposing team’s Crystal. The first team to get two points will be the winner. This means that Crystal Defense can be played up to 3 rounds.
  • When a player dies in battle, there is a 25 seconds delay for the player to respawn fully healed.
  • Each player of the winning team will receive 9 Valor Badges and 9 Battleground Tokens while players on the losing team receive 3.

For now, Crystal Defense can only be played in 3v3 and 5v5 modes.